Saturday, July 11, 2009

What We Have Been Doing

It was about 99 degrees outside and the kids wanted to make a home-made pinata`. So with flour and water, left-over packing newspaper and a balloon from the craft box they got to work. Molding and layering the paper in the heat, thank goodness for Sunny D.
We let that thing cook in the sun for the rest of the day, deflated the balloon and all the Webkinz in our home had a party and broke the pinata`.

Also in the blistering heat, the best package arrived at my door. Sweet Heather had a give-a-way and I was a co-winner. It was loaded with wonderful things and even sunscreen that I have used and a book that I am just starting. Good pool side reading for sure. Plus some dark chocolate covered almonds, so good. Thank you Heather you are the bomb!!!

Then it was the much anticipated first making of the cinnamon rolls in my new kitchen. Sweet-boy of course wanted to help me out. For the first batch in Idaho, I have to say they were the best that I have ever made.

Sweet-boy cleaning up all the spilled butter and cinnamon-sugar mix. I tell you these were good rolls even in dough form. Did I keep them? No. These wonderful creations went to all the people that helped us move in as a thank you. But next batch is all ours.


Heather said...

Aww, you're so welcome. And so right about the Victoria Holt books; they make great summer reads. She has a ton of gothic romance and historical fiction books. (Glad you like the almonds.)

Now you need to share your cinnamon roll recipe.


pawlyandsandy said...

Wow you blogged at 7am on a Sat morning?!!! I don't normally have my eyes open at that hour, you're super!!
It was great to see you today! We need to get together again soon, so your kids can get to know me again :)

Elena said...

Mmmm....there's those cinnamon rolls I salivated over! And I can say that those Boise summer temps are the one thing I do not miss! Glad your kiddos made the best of it.

Alli Trutzel said...

Can I have some cinnamon rolls even though I didn't help?! My mouth is watering ;)

EmmaP said...

those sweet rolls look awesome! so did you move far? i think I missed that somewhere along the way...