Friday, July 17, 2009

My Anniversary Present

When The Man and I got married, I had an okay full bed set. The Man said that was not good enough so we went to the local furniture store and he selected the bedroom set that has stayed with us for thirteen years.
I hated it!!!
It looked cheap, it was cheap and with all the changes in location you would think it would have gotten dinged up - no. He told me that when we got our first house we would get my dream bedroom set, when we did this and that....... On and on it went the promise of that nice bedroom set. Finally after 14 years of waiting, it happened. I got to go in and forget about the cost and get the bed that I have always wanted. Setting it up was better than any present I remember getting. It was here, my new KING sized mahogany sleigh bed with matching Hutch and night stands.

It is luxury and then some.

The best part is that we all can fit on the bed. There is room. No more playing hot dog in the bed. The Man and then Sweet-boy on the edges and mom stuck in the middle wondering why body parts are going numb.
Thank you Honey!!!
I love our new bedroom set, it was SO worth the fourteen years that I had to wait for it.
Happy Anniversary.


Aubrey said...

WOO-HOO!!! I love getting new furniture--the one time we did actually buy something brand new we chose ourselves, even if it did come from IKEA.

That's funny about the old set. I learned early on that my Shiner boy hasn't much taste in furniture and he doesn't get much say in the choosing, except puttin his foot down on the expenditure. ;)

Elena said...

It's beautiful! I LOVE my king bed. Best thing we've EVER bought. Happy Anniversary!!

Melanie said...

The wait makes it all the sweeter. It's beautiful!

I have noticed that big beds attract more little people:)

I noticed you got a new spread too. Gorgeous!

Melanie said...

Thank You! It's so fun to get a package. I just got my room spray at my door.

The 8 year old and I were goofin' dancing through the house spraying it in every room. We moved on and I found the 3 year old spraying it in every room of her Barbie. Such good taste!

Thanks again! And might I say "You Rock!"

Heather said...

You're right, that is totally worth waiting for! Gorgeous!

Happy Anniversary!

EmmaP said...

love it!!! it would have been funny to see the "cheap set" too! congrats on 14 years!!!

Caroline said...

Awesome! We totally need a king sized bed what with all the stretching and stuff that Mr. Baseball does at night. Heck, what am I talking about...I'd spread out too if I had the room. One wouldn't think that there's much of a difference in queen and king, but one would be wrong.

John Deere Mom said...

I love it! Congrats!