Monday, July 13, 2009


The morning dawned and the kids and I were off for the first of many adventures. First we went to the local Free Summer Kids Movies and enjoyed a free show and very over-priced concession food. Then it was time to go exploring.
Now the last time that we had been to most of these places there was only one kid and DQ was barely 3 at the time. So I thought it was time to re-acquaint the kids with the wonders of our town.
There is a park in Downtown Boise that has BIG trees and a great play area, that after seven years is still in the full sun. But it is a great place to start the adventure. We swung on the swings and marveled at the wild but tame wildlife in the park - squirrels.
I have to laugh each time I see one. Story coming: Last time Idaho was our home, my brother was living in Japan and I commented to him that we had so many squirrels here. He told me that there were no squirrels in Japan as the locals used their meat in dishes and had eaten all the squirrels there. So I feel lucky for our American squirrels, no worry of that happening.

The kids in amazement over how tame they are and how close they will come to you for a nibble of PB&J.

Walking along the Greenbelt to our next destination, the MK Nature garden. I love this place, so many things to see and learn about. We loved walking around and reading all the signs.
Looking into the pond that had the biggest fish I had ever seen.
Sweet-boy looking into the water at some fish.

The fish got bigger as we went along.

My little adventurers ready for the last stop on our journey. Along the greenbelt is an area that actually goes into the river. It is calm and protected and a great place to get wet on a hot day and the best part is that no one is gonna scream cause a rock got thrown, or the sand was moved or even that we used the tree limbs to make our own dam in the river. It was a total hands on nature fun time and we loved it.

The kids tried to stay dry but in the end, we were all really wet.

You know it is a good day when the kids ask if we can come back tomorrow.


Elena said...

That was probably my most favorite place to go in Boise! When I was in college I would ride my bike over there for some peaceful study time. And then later in life, we LOVED to take our kids to see the fish. So fun to see pics of your family enjoying it!!

Heather said...

Both Gabe and Isabel are looking over my shoulder, saying "Can we go there?!".

Looks like a great time! Love the pictures!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

i love this place too, best that Boise has to offer.

Melanie said...

Days like this are good for the soul. Even for on-lookers:)

Aubrey said...

we need to come up there again. And I want a road trip. but Dan has no spare vacation days thanks to impending babies and scout camp and I'm not sure if I want to brave it alone.

By the way, even though I haven't actually done anything about it yet, I am PUMPED you're selling Scentsy. It's nice to have someone I know selling it and I am out of a few flavahs. scents, whatever.

Busy Lady said...

I'm glad you are enjoying all that Boise has to offer!! Enjoy your vacation in Utah, you deserve a break after the last week. I miss you though! Having you gone there has new meaning to me right now. Hang in there, things are going to be great, I know it!!

Kate said...

That is so awesome! What a cool place to take the kids on a hot day- pun intended!

You heard my squirrel story the other night. Our American squirrels may not be consumed, but they are never safe from my ex-roommate in New Jersey...

EmmaP said...

ok, forget my previous question in your previous post. got it. moved to boise. looks like fun!!! i love nature like that!