Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Big Thanks to UDOT, Mayor Rocky Anderson and the Sierra Club

I wanted to personally thank UDOT (Utah Department of Transportation), Mayor Rocky Anderson, and the Sierra Club for the most enjoyable afternoon spent in Davis County traffic.

I had finished enjoying Gateway and a movie with family and as it neared the 4 o'clock hour I began to anticipate the delight of being stuck in traffic for the next 65 minutes. I so enjoyed watching the houses creep by and my gas gauge drop lower and lower as my tank emptied at an alarming rate for not having reached higher than 10MPH! I also wanted to thank you for your infinite wisdom in fighting with Mayor Anderson over the proposed development of Legacy Highway (that was to relieve all this wonderful parking), you enraged him and so he brought in the Sierra Club: that delightful bunch of do-gooders that slowed things down and cost billions of my tax-dollars to console. I am so happy that my taxes went to make someone elses' day and saved, ........what again????
But really I enjoy knowing that all this time spent not moving, not progressing to our home destination drives my children to the point of boredom and their only way to escape is to sleep till we finally arrive home.
I have to admit that there were several pauses along the way where I was tempted to catch some ZZ's as a way to kill the wait time. However, instead I took pictures of my children sleeping, dreaming of freeway scenes whizzing by. But, not on this journey, and maybe not on the next, but we are hopeful.

So I just wanted to thank you for all the reasons that I am glad for traffic jams and the rising cost of gas, increased taxes and the faltering economy, my trips home provide that distraction for me each time I make it.


Aubrey said...

We might as well move back East where at least everyone's backyards are covered by trees and more trees.

Traffic here annoys me all the more because I do not understand why the powers that be didn't plan for massive growths. Hello? Are we not a state full of Mormons that's told to multiply and replenish the earth when we get married, and then we all want to stay in Zion, where our pioneer forefathers worked so hard to get to and make beautiful, so did they think that people were going to all of a sudden stop driving?! Too bad Brigham Young didn't see ahead for I-15 and masses of California and Mexico immigration.

Elena said...

We come down to UT a lot (to visit family) and we have so experienced the lovely traffic situation there. It is SO annoying! At least your kids were sleeping and not crying and needing to go potty. (Yeah, been there done that too.) :)