Sunday, July 6, 2008

I do not like cats.......

It has been beastly hot here lately and when it does go below 80 degrees for the night low, I try to open the windows and give the air conditioner a break.

Well the other night I was sleeping on the couch because "The Man" was snoring up a storm. I had just gotten relaxed and ready to drop off when it starts.....

The hissing and the low growling. It keeps up for about a minute and then the worst cat-fight I have ever heard begins. I am done listening and want these mangy animals off my deck and away from my open window!!!

Determined to do away with this menace, I run out onto our deck in my PJ's, with a pot and wooden spoon and descend on these frenzied animals. Now at this moment what I would have given to be a neighbor watching me come out of my house, crazed and ready to do battle with fighting stray cats. In the end I won, I scared off the cats to the front of the house where they resumed their fight, but out of range of my open window.

I admit that I do not like cats, we had several when I was growing up, every time I wanted to pet them I got scratched so I just do not trust them.

Give me a dog any day..........and we just might soon - "The Man's" resistance is waining.


John Deere Mom said...

LOL! I say that 100 times a day. Cats are the worst...and yet suckers like me end up with 7 of them. And don't get me started on the dogs. Let's just say one dog in particular (ahem, Jackie the Cow) is in THE DOGHOUSE...literally and figuratively!

Elena said...

I do like cats, but a cat fight is just about the worst sound in the world. Gald your mean pot and spoon got them out of there for you. :)

"The Queen in Residence" said...

E-I am pretty scary with a pot and spoon, just ask my kids.

John Deere Mom- I would love to take Jackie, what a sweet face, but I think it would take one missing item to make "the Man" go nutts. Good-luck!

Meghan Cleverly said...

I HATE CATS!!!!!!!!!!!! So does my mom, one of the reasons is that she can stop breathing... that is a good reason not to like them. :)