Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What will you do for money?

Disclaimer: I was fully aware of the risks and the choice that I was making before I started down this road, but I still was not aware of the cost that it would ultimately mean to me.

We are the average American Family, making due and hoping that we can finally get ahead someday. Well with the rising cost of everything "The Man" and I started talking about what I am going to do with my time next school year as both kids will be in all day school. Now do not get me wrong I understand that I need to help financially with the economy the way it is and that I have been able to stay at home for most of the last ten years but I have also been secretly counting down the last 10 years to the time that I could finally go back to school and really focus on my Nursing Degree. So we were throwing out ideas of this and that and nothing that I really wanted to do - I already have a job on the weekends besides the job of CEO for our little corporation- so I have been hedging about committing to anything. Then the morning newspaper came and there was an article about the rising cost of everything and the way that people were combating it. They stated that there was a drastic rise in the amount of people that were donating their Plasma for cash - yes people sell their plasma for money, just a 2 hour commitment 3 times a week and you too could make an additional $250.00 a month.
So I gave it a try, after all this is how "the Man" paid for college one semester.

The first time was a piece of cake, next time I had a reaction to the medication that they infuse into your system to reduce the red blood cells from glopping together (real technical talk huh?), Anyway it is an anticoagulant of some kind and it made me get really dizzy and almost pass out. But in the process of doing that donation they damaged the vein and caused bruising so I could not donate from that arm till the bruising was gone. But after that they had me see the nurse each and every donation. Well to make a long story short this last donation was my last as they "blew my left vein" then on trying to use the other arm completely "blew my right vein" and then proceeded to fill my arm with the blood being returned to my system and the anticoagulant. The result of all this is that my arm is very painful, I have a nasty bruise and pain in my shoulder and I have to have my arm in a sling for comfort till the bruise goes away.
(this was actually day one of the bruise)
My donation days are over.

So why do I share this story? Because my experience has shown me that I need to really think about what I will do, the risk that I will take and the importance that I am putting on the almighty dollar. There are some things in life that are just not worth it to your health and this has proven to be mine.


Emily said...


Ooooooooooooo, this sounds so painful. Sorry that you went to such drastic measures. Have a bake sale. Knit pot holders, do anything but let people poke your viens. My viens are so bad, they would have kicked me out at the first poke.

Hope you feel better soon, and you got to buy something extra special with your $250.

elena said... fun. I get gestational diabetes when I'm pregnant and had to have my blood drawn weekly. It was a nightmare. My poor arms looked much like your's. No fun for sure! We have a plasma bank here too, but I don't think I'm desperate enough yet to sell my plasma. Good for you for trying though. Hope you feel better soon.

Aubrey said...

Holy Cow! You have almost all the colors of the rainbow in your arm. Can I call you Rainbrow Brite for that bright-colored bruise? That looks so painful. I want to come see it in real life? Are you guys going to the parade? We're pegging a spot by the theater if you're interested.

Aubrey said...

I want to come see in real life was not meant to be a question. I think someone infused anti-thought coagulation medicine in my BRAIN.

fennbunch said...

Yikes! That bruise looks painful. I hate needles and am not as brave as you are. I'm glad that you are done with that. I hope you are not going to try to sell a kidney now (ha! ha!). Hey I started a blog, I will let you know when it is up and running. Miss you!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

EM - I like your comments about a bake sale. I think that I will just go back to donating blood every 3 months and call it good. I never even got over $125.oo so in the end it was more costly then it was worth.

A- Come and see the invalid. My kids think that all the colors in mommy's arm is really cool. I wish that I could share their enthusiasm.

E- I really was not desperate to do it, just not wanting to get a job in mid summer. Sorry about the Diabete's. I figured that I like the medical field and would not mind learning more about the poking side of it - when it worked it was really interesting but more times then not it did not work. Aw Well on the my next great idea!!

N- I cannot wait to see the blog, you will love it - so much fun. I miss you too, when is time out again - soon I hope!!!

Laurel said...

I can't believe you did that...CRAZY. Well live and learn. Right?! I can't wait until your back sale. I hear you make a might good chocolate chip cookie.

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I do and it is a total Mrs Fields Knock off - but I think that Em's cookies look better. Check her out at She has come killer recipes.

Jennifer P. said...

REading about this while listening to Norah Jones sing "Come Away With Me" made it seem less painful somehow! Maybe I should just hook ya up with some Amway people---I don't think they'll take your blood :)!

Meghan Cleverly said...