Friday, July 18, 2008

WaHoo....Raging Waters!

Every summer, thanks to our Orthodontist, we get a FREE trip to Raging Waters for the day. It makes paying the price for straight teeth a little easier to take.
Our first destination is the wave pool.

We got a floaty, that only mom used, and headed for the water to find the best place to get smashed by the waves.

Funny story: The first time "the Man" and I went to a water park was 3 days before our wedding. We got a 2 person float and took to the wave pool. Having tried time and again to force each other off the float as the waves pounded us we did not take into consideration that we were rocked back into the less than 2" of water area. As a wave hit us it rocked the floaty back and caused "the Man" to fly off head first into the water, he planted his head on that hard concrete bottom. When he rose up and turned to look at me, it was not him but a bloody mess that I was looking at. He had split open his head and was bleeding, that with the water from the pool it was running down his face and he was dizzy and confused. We quickly got him out of the water and to the first aid office and then off to the hospital for stitches and X-rays. After we had his neck cleared they worked on sewing up his head. They wanted to shave the site which was in the front of his hair and I freaked. "We are 2 days away from our Wedding and we are not shaving any part of his head!!!" So to that Doctors credit, he moved each and every hair out of place, taped it down and then stitched up his head. With a C-collar, seven stitches, free passes back to the water park and some crazy memories we headed home. On our Honeymoon, in Mexico, I got to take the stitches out.


My water kids, having a great time.
"Sweet-boy" getting warm, it was hot but the water was a bit cool.
In the kids area they have a rope bridge that the kids love to go on.
Look at that stretch, go girl go!!!

She was so proud to make it over.

Now it is time for both of them to do it,

what a squirmy, slippery, feat.

The big kid on the back got that thing a rocking

and I thought that "Drama Queen" was not going

to make it, but she held on.

"The Man" joined us and we had a great time at

the rest of the park. Each year we get to try

more and more of the fast, fun slides.

Thank you Dr. Madsen for another great adventure!!


Aubrey said...

That looks so fun...and refreshing. Why, oh why did I breed like a rabbit so that I'm always hauling around a baby at the pool? We'll get to Raging Waters one day--when everyone can take themselves to the bathroom, walk on their own, and feed themselves. And earn their own admission price. Okay I'm dreaming there.

Megan said...

Those pictures make me laugh so hard! I wish I looked as cute as Shayelyn does in a one piece swimming suit, goggles, and a hair cap!
You are not going to like this news, but I had to tell you... I am going to THE POLICE concert!! It pays to be one of the guys when one of your buds breaks up with his girlfriend and is left with an extra concert ticket :)
I am still planning on doing a summer party... I know you have a crazy summer so I don't want you to feel obligated to anything. I'm more than happy to plan it elsewhere. Email me with your phone number and let's talk about this.
I hope you guys are doing well! Tell Shayelyn I'm missing her!!

Jennifer P. said...

That stitches story----too funny and very sad all at the same time! Did you give the Dr. a big tip ;)!?

And I really like a man who keeps his shirt on in the water---and that's not being sarcastic at all. I think it's like "male modest"!

Glad you guys had such a great time!

John Deere Mom said...

That looks like such a FUN place! What a great orthodontist!

Caroline said...

Man, looks like a fun day. That story about the stitches is awesome - now that you can look back and laugh. I, as a bride-to-be, would have had to have been hospitalized for hyperventilating over the doctor wanting to cut my future hubby's hair. You handled it quite well. Obviously the wedding went off without a stitch (pun intended). Tee hee.

Elena said...

I LOVED the head injury story. Thatis too funny. Poor guy, glad it wasn't a concussion or worse. That definitly adds excitement and stress to the wedding plans.

Emily said...

Woah! What a story, I'm sure this would be a brides worst nightmare... well one of them anyway. Glad he was stitched up and ready to go on the big day! ;)