Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nothing Better......

We were in Salt Lake for errand running day.
"Drama Queen" got to stay with G&G while "Sweet-boy" got to have his first cavities filled.
Let's just say that the trauma from that experience is something
that I never want to endure again but
his love for Chocolate will make that a reality.
After all that fun we went with G&G to see...
Now I am not one to flock to kids movies although with kids under 12 I have no choice. There have been some that are wonderful and some that left a bad taste in the mouth and pocket book - but this was an enjoyable 2 hours.
But the best part was to get time with G&G!!!
We love you guys!!!


Laurel said...

We saw this with Liam and he loved it.
Don't you just looooOOve g-parents?

Jennifer P. said...

I liked Kung Fu Panda too. My fave part---trying to match up the voices with what actor/actress was playing them. That always makes for good cartoon entertainment :)!

Elena said...

I have yet to see that show. But everyone has good things to say about it. I really haven't had any desire to see it, so I hope it surprises me like Shrek did. Shrek is now on my list of all time favorites.