Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cousin Fun

While we were back getting the last of our house, we decided to get together with the cousins. We meet at a great shady park and let the kids play and play after a boring day of packing yet another Uhaul truck. DQ happy at last, something fun to do.
My little monkey boy.

But then the rules were broken and he was to spend the rest of the night here, in time-out.
Does he look pathetic enough for you?
He told Aunt L that his mom was super mean.
YES I AM!!!!
The Man playing football with just a few of the many boys in his family. I could not believe that he had the energy to do it after loading the truck and then we went on to play volleyball.

It was a great night, lots of fun. It did however take a few slow stretches to get moving the next morning and a BIG dose of Ibuprofen.
Thanks Utah cousins, we hope you will come for a visit soon.


Allison said...

My, my, what adorable children you have ;) Hope life can settle down sometime soon!

Heather said...

So sad to leave, I'm sure, but what a great adventure, starting over in a new house, a new state, with good friends already there.

I'm thrilled for you!

Wendy said...

Looks like so much fun.

Sheesh -- I wish I had the energy of your hubby. The picture you would've taken of me after moving would have been me passed out on the park grass, dead. LOL

Good luck with your new bend in the road!

EmmaP said...

awww....he looks so pathetic it's adorable! tee hee! cousin fun! yay for cousins!