Friday, June 12, 2009

The Petti-bomb-skirt

So the kids in our Utah ward were all wearing these skirts - the pettiskirt. I looked at them during sharing time thinking that they would be easy to make, just alot of gathering. Then I talked to one of the mom's that had made one, it took her 8 hours to make just one and as she explained it to me, my eyes glazed over. Suddenly the hefty amount that they wanted on the internet was nothing compared to my sanity. So I ordered one, had it sent to Idaho and it was here waiting for us when we arrived.
She looks so grown-up.
Can you believe she will be in middle school next year - yup Mom is having a hard time relating to that. But for now she is my "Sweet-pea".


Heather said...

Yep, some things are just worth the money.

She looks adorable.

Middle school? Oh my. That will be Elijah in two years; I'm not ready, either. Good luck.

Caroline said...

Great skirt! I loved to twirl in our petticoat skirt when I was little. Can't believe she'll be in middle school. You can do it!

Busy Lady said...

Such a cute skirt! I love how the 13 year old boy was trying to pick up on her while she was wearing it. Look out and see what your future holds mom! Hang onto your sweet pea while you can.