Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I know that he is not my Father, but I want to pay tribute to a man that is really as good as my dad, my husband.
When I met The Man, I was not impressed. I really did not like him that much and was not shy about expressing it, but we grew to be friends and then fell in love. I am so glad that he did not give up on me and that he stuck it out when I clearly did not feel the same as him, his patience has given me the best (almost) 14 years of my life.
Why do I think he is a great man.......because he can be just as silly and goofy and nutts as me. Just ask my BFF as we took her camera one day at an outing and unknown to her proceeded to load it with alot of these kinds of pictures. That after a long day of work he can still go out and do flips on the tramp or play crack the egg with the kids.
That because I wanted it, he worked so hard, even in the snow, to finish the deck for me to enjoy.

That he is one of my favorite men in my life. That he is a strong man of God and he loves his family fiercely.

That no matter what I give him, no matter how many pictures I take and no matter how many times I change my mind, he loves it, he poses' and he is my biggest supporter.

Happy Father's Day honey!
I am so glad that I married you and that together we have created such a fun family. I love being your partner in life, love and all our adventures.


Laurel said...

I agree...what a great friend, hubby, dad and BIL...Happy Father's Day!

EmmaP said...

that was awesome! and i laughed when you said at first you didnt like him... too funny!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

How we met and fell in like is a great story and one that I love to tell cause you just never know.....the one that is just right for you is standing behind mister not right for you. You just have to give people a chance.

Jennifer P. said...

Wonderful tribute Queen S.! I have often times thought about the story of you meeting "The King" and it has made me wait longer than first impressions when meeting someone.

Thanks for sharing :)

BPOTW said...

It's always nice to get away and see different faces!