Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas Music

It is only the beginning of November and already three radio stations that I know of have all-the-time Christmas music playing.
I cannot get enough of Christmas; the lights, the smells, putting my wreath on my car, the endless chocolate to enjoy. But it is more then that, I love the songs and the message that they bring into my home. The opportunity that I have as a mom to sing "Silent Night" with my kids in the car as we travel to and fro. Now do not get me wrong, I think that seeing the Christmas items in the store in the middle of September is insane.
However, It is the meaning of what we are gearing up to celebrate that I love. It is the scheduling of visits to family that we have not seen in a while and in some cases since last year. It is the anticipation of snow to play in, gingerbread to bake and eat and bake again, gifts to wrap, cards to send and receive from long lost friends, and the animation of my children's' faces when they spy another gift under the tree. It is also the time that we take in remembering our Savior, His gift to us and talking about ways that we can serve those around us, not just during this season, but always.
So do I think that having Christmas music blaring in my car and in my home is too early and too much - NO!!! I do not think that we can give enough time to the real reason that we celebrate Christmas.


Heather said...

Oh, Isabel and I are the same way.

I was just telling Elijah we should pull out our Christmas Story DVD and crack up over the quest for the Red Ryder BB gun.

I love that show!

Kate said...

I'm going to wait until after Thanksgiving before I begin listening to Christmas music. I have a couple cd's that are a little different. One is the Celtic Woman Christmas cd. I HIGHLY recommend owning it. There are some songs on there that we never hear on the radio- like "Christmas Pipes". Anyway, enjoy the Christmas music!

Elena said...

You are gung-ho! I do try to wait until at least the week of Thanksgiving before I let myself get completely taken over by Christmas, but it's fun for me to hear bits and pieces to start getting me in the mood. (The CHRISTMAS mood, not the other kind of mood. :) ) I love that you put a wreath on your car. How fun is that!?

"The Queen in Residence" said...

Wait till you see it. It lights up at night.....I will give a picture so you can truly see how insane I am about christmas.