Thursday, November 6, 2008

What was in my washer.....

We live right next to a BIG park with lots of trees a great place to play for all the kids in the neighborhood.

So each and everyday after school my kids go to the park and rake the leaves, climb the trees and do Fall kid stuff. Today after their play it was time to wash their coats. I feel they can only go to school and play and school and play so many times before they could walk on their own. It was time.... I load them into the washer and go about my life......
Time to put them in the dryer and I cannot believe what is in the washer!!!
Apparently they had pulled grass, collected pine cones, pine needles, numerous leaves, rocks and various berries from the bushes and placed them in their coat pockets.
I was so pleased!!!!
As with any problem that they cause, they must clean it up.

Two kids trying to fit into one Washing Machine filled with nature. The conversation amidst cleaning out the machine was hilarious.

DQ: "Why did you not leave all that stuff outside?"

SB: "You told me to put it in my pocket."
DQ: "And you could not take it out, we needed that for our nest!"

It continued on but I had to leave that part of the house so I could laugh. Then things got quiet, too quiet!!!
This is what I saw when I entered the laundry room.Sweet-Boy making an attempt to clean nature up with my lint roller.SB: "Mom, Drama Queen will not help me do the rest."
To which my darling daughter goes berserk telling me that she did all the work and the he could do the last of it. She was done!!!

This is what my washing machine churned out of their pockets. It does not look like much but it really was something to behold.

I leave the room for a second and hear a muffled "Help me Mommy!"

This is what I saw on my return.

Not only was he hanging in the washer but somehow he was stuck in there. I had to laugh then.

So after he was rescued, washer all cleaned out, garbage dumped, floor swept and things back to normal, Sweet-boy told me, as I tucked him into bed, that, "I never want to clean nature up again."

Hmmm, I think a lesson was learned tonite and it was good for a post too.


Heather said...

Better nature than an ink pen. Or a cell phone.

Great pics!

Aubrey said...

What funny little stinkers. I'm waiting for Lex to throw her brother into the front loaders over here and lock them in.

Elena said...

LOL!! Love the picture of him head first. So funny. Good for them for cleaning it all out.'t we just love 'em?

Caroline said...

Bottoms Up!

EmmaP said...

well said! too funny!!!

Anonymous said...


Pennies In My Pocket said...

Ohhhh that is tooooo funny! I feel guilty for laughing at that last photo. hehehe Hilarious!

Saunders Family said...

I absolutely love everything about this post. Actually knowing your children makes it even better. I think I laughed for a good five minutes, especially at the last picture of Sweet Boy stuck in the washer. That is sitcom material for sure!

Tiffiney said...

Oh my gosh I was laughing at this..specially the part where your daughter said she had done it all her brother can do the dont know how many times I have heard that over the years from my kids..was nice to hear someone else hears this as

Sherri said...

Now that was a fun post! I know it wasn't fun for you to deal with, but looking back it has to be funny.
I hate cleaning up the mess when things are left in pockets. I guess the worst I have ever had was silly putty. That stuff is so unforgiving!!!!!!

Megan said...

I don't think your family could possibly be any more entertaining! I love your posts!