Thursday, November 27, 2008

Let us all give thanks.....

Let us give thanks for God Above.
Thanks for expressions of His love.
See in the book of nature, grand
Taught by His love on every hand.
Let us be thankful in our hearts,
Thankful for all the truth imparts,
For the religion of our Lord,
All that is taught us in His word.
Let us be thankful for a land,
That will for such religions stand;
One that protects it by the law,
One that before it stands in awe.
Thankful for all things let us be,
Though there be woes and misery;
Lessons they bring us for our good-
Later 'twill all be understood.
Thankful for peace o'er land and sea,
Thankful for signs of liberty,
Thankful for homes, for life and health,
Pleasure and plenty, fame and wealth.
Thankful for friends and loved ones, too,
Thankful for all things, good and true,
Thankful for harvest in the fall,
Thankful to Him who gave it all.
Wishing all a day filled with family, love and much Thanksgiving.


RhondaLue said...

We do need to remain thankful for sure! What a great poem.

Happy THanksgiving to you and yours!!

EmmaP said...

that as beautiful! loved it. Have a great thanksgiving!!!

Caroline said...

Is that your table? If it is, I'm totally calling Southern Living on you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Heather said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope it was full of love, laughter and lots of yummy food!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

If that was my table I would so need Prozac. No I think we did have real napkins but the rest is really find a bowl and put the food in it. It is not going to remain there long....

Busy Lady said...

That was a beautiful poem, but if that is truly your table, I am going to be ill!! We were all paper plates this year - tacky!!

Tiffiney said...

Hope your Thanksgiving was awesome!! :)