Monday, November 24, 2008

My Christmas Wish List

It is time to put all those wishes down in list form. Sad to say that my list will be nothing concerning world peace, it will however cover all the things that I want, not need but WANT, and dream of having one day.

Yes, it is a totally selfish list and a dream......

1) A new home with more room and a lower monthly payment. Now that is a wish right.... but one I hope comes true - yeah when I win the lottery.2) A brand new car. Not a previously used or gently used car. A new car that I put the first 100 miles on. Of course this one will have no payment.

3) A safe in my closet that no matter how much I and take out always has piles and piles of money in it - $100 bills only thank-you!

4) I want to experience paradise again. I want to go on a month long vacation with only my hubby to Puerto Vialltra and this time not be sick and get to do all those things that we wanted to but instead I was praying to the porcelain Gods to just kill me. Yep, it was our honeymoon, I got food-poisoning the first day there.

5) I want my hubby to be happy in a job; successful in what he does or just to find his niche. With that safe of never ending money, who needs a job. We will just play.

6) I want a Travel Trailer so that we can go camping in style. I love camping but do not do the tent thing, but get me in one of these and we can go cross country for months.

This is my wish, but not my reality.

I really do want people to have the peace that they need in their lives, the struggles to go away and that our country might unite in love. I want for us to never forget the reason for the season and all the blessings that we do enjoy. I want for all our service men and women to come home to their families. I want our children to be safe and live in a world with no fear. There is much more, but I think we all get the point.

So what is on your Christmas List this year?


Elena said...

LOVE your list! Absolutely pefect!! How was girls weekend?

Wendy said...

I loved your list -- have you been peeking at mine? LOL I love my house, but I think I'm wishing for a free interior decorator, or my own personal HGTV gal that will hold my hand and direct me in projects and decorating!

Jen said...

That is some Christmas list. I think that I will take some of those things too.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful list! I think I gave the same one to my husband! LOL! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!


Saunders Family said...

I had the EXACT same experience on our honeymoon to Puerto Vallarta.... except that I was puking the whole week of my wedding. I was miraculously fine for the big day(prayer works!!!), but driving to the airport I had to make Eric pull over a few times. Then, when we got there, we both got food poisoning right away. It was my own personal hell. We spent the whole time in the room and didn't do anything because we were both too sick. I think that we both deserve second honeymoons!!!

Megan said...

I'm pretty sure that I might be winning the lottery soon as well. We should team up and make a deal to go half with each other when one of us wins!
p.s. I love the new house you've picked out :)

RhondaLue said...

Yeah me too! I want all that plus a maid. ;)

Tiffiney said...

Love your list....I want all the same things!!! lol.....good luck on getting at least one of them! :)